Tuesday, September 4, 2012

No wonder they work so hard to keep these facts from becoming public knowledge. 

Hilton Head, South Carolina: Politically correct Yankee propagandists masquerading as historians are quick to boast of the large numbers of Southern blacks who fought for the North during the war. They are also quick to dismiss the contribution to the Confederate war effort made by black Southerners, giving the excuse that Southern blacks were forced to serve the Confederacy. 

Little attention has been given to the forced conscription of blacks into the service of the United States during the War for Southern Independence. 

On May 12, 1862, the following report was sent to the United States Secretary of the Treasury concerning the forced induction of black Southerners: "This has been a sad day on these islands.... Some 500 men were ... carried to Hilton Head.... The negroes were sad.... Sometimes whole plantations, learning what was going on, ran off to the woods for refuge. Others, with no means of escape, submitted passively.... This mode of [conscription] is repugnant."

The next day's report included this comment: "The colored people became suspicious of the presence of the companies of soldiers.... They [the blacks] were taken from the fields without being allowed to go to their houses even to get a jacket.... On some plantations the wailing and screaming were loud and the women threw themselves in despair on the ground. 

On some plantations the people took to the woods and were hunted up by the soldiers...."  A letter about this incident written to the Federal agent stated, "This conscription, . . . has created a suspicion that the Government has not the interest in the negroes that it has professed, and many of them sighed yesterday for the 'old fetters' as being better than the new liberty." Old fetters of slavery better than the new liberty of Yankee dominion-what a sad commentary. 

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