Friday, January 4, 2013

Captain Fayette Hewitt

Hewitt was from Elizabethtown, Kentucky. His great contribution to War history is that he preserved the records of his Orphan Brigade, allowing the comprehensive history of the Brigade to be written. Hewitt served as a staff officer for Generals Albert Pike, Benjamin Hardin Helm (who ironically was a brother-in-law to U.S. President Abraham Lincoln) and, after Helm was killed at Chickamauga, Joseph Lewis. Hewitt was one generation out of Bedford County, Virginia. as his father had moved to Kentucky before he was born.

"His courage was one of that superior kind which enables a man to be perfectly collected and cool and not to be thrown off his guard or unsteadied by the most imminent and trying danger. 

Going into the battle of Entrenchment Creek (Atlanta), he saw a soldier throw away his blanket because it was so in the way while fighting. General Hewitt remonstrated and told the man he would need it if wounded. Then he tied the blanket behind his own horse. 

This horse was shot under him, and General Hewitt unbuckled the blanket and carried it till another horse was procured. After the battle General Hewitt restored the blanket to its owner, who was in the field hospital, badly wounded. The man said he had seen the horse shot; and if it had been him he would never have thought of that blanket, but only of getting away."

"Besides this horse, he had two others shot under him, but was never injured himself, though balls repeatedly passed through his clothing and hat and once through his hair."
Obituary in Confederate Veteran.

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