Friday, March 15, 2013

Future Confederate Generals severely wounded fighting for the US government before the WBTS….

Earl Van Dorn took an arrow to the chest at the Battle of the Wichita Village, both Kirby Smith gunshot to the thigh and Fitz Hugh Lee, arrow in the chest at Crooked Creek, Texas fighting Comanche’s. Fitz Hugh was not expected to survive. John Bell Hood took an arrow through the hand at Devil’s River, Texas also from Comanche’s. All were in the 2nd Cavalry Regiment.

Jeb Stuart of the 1st Cavalry Regiment was wounded by a Cheyenne at the Battle of Solomon’s Fork in Kansas. Stuart and several other officers, among them future Confederate general Lunsford Lomax, cornered a Cheyenne who had an Allen "pepperbox" pistol. As the Indian threatened one lieutenant, Lt. Stuart slashed at him with a saber. The Indian pointed the pepperbox at Stuart from no more than a few feet and fired.

The small ball, apparently fired with a light or old powder charge, lodged under Stuart's left nipple, not enough to kill him, but enough to embarrass him that he had allowed an enemy to shoot him first. It was here that he displayed the recklessness and joy in combat that would become his trademark. Had Stuart been killed, his service to the Confederacy just four years later would have never happened.

Robert E. Lee, William Hardee and Albert Sidney Johnston were also stationed in Texas as commanders of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, a unit organized by then Secretary of War Jefferson Davis, along with the 1st Cavalry Regiment, authorized in 1855 and formed at Jefferson Barracks, MO.

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