Sunday, March 31, 2013

IF…is a big word but...

If the Confederate States had succeeded in winning their independence slavery would for all intents and purposes have ended rather quickly. Jefferson Davis said himself that, “secession would mean the end of slavery,” mechanization was on the accent; while slavery was extremely expensive and high maintenance. (Which is why so few Southerners owned them and the North was the first to give them up).

Independence could have been achieved without the loss of 750,000 dead soldiers, 100,000 Southern civilians and millions of mutilated survivors. Scores of Southern towns would have been spared the torch and women of all races spared the indignities forced on them by the lusts of Union troops. 

According to Lincoln a peaceful end would have resulted in slavery being dragged out until the turn of the century and deportation of thousands of blacks back to Africa, both of which he presented before Congress. 

There is also little doubt that in a Confederate States of America:

Prayer would not be banned in schools.

There wouldn’t be an issue of offending people by saying 
Merry Christmas or Happy Easter.

We wouldn’t be trying to redefine marriage.

The borders would more than likely be secure saving the country billions. 

There would be no Central Bank AKA Federal Reserve, which the South was against.

The CSA wouldn’t be trying to ban guns and disarm its citizens. 

We wouldn’t have corporate welfare (bailouts), which was forbidden in the CS Constitution. 

There wouldn’t be a threat of being killed by drones sent by your own government. 

Racism would not be the problem it is today (brought on by Reconstruction). 

We wouldn’t have a gargantuan insatiable DC government (states rights would prevail).

National health care (Obamacare) would be impossible without state approval.

I doubt the CSA would be meddling in the business of other Nations across the globe. 

I doubt the CSA would be giving foreign aid to our enemies.

In the CSA you wouldn’t find monuments to war criminals or have them elected to office. 

In the CSA there was also a tremendous amount of racial tolerance in the South as well (blacks, Jews, 
Asians, Hispanics and Native Americans all fought in Southern Armies). 

The CSA would not have engaged in the genocide of Native Americans, they were represented in the CS Congress. 

That’s my short list…

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