Friday, August 3, 2012

Bleeding heart Northern apologists have been coming out of the woodwork again this week…Complaining about slavery as if their ancestors had nothing to do with it. 

 No one on this page has ever defended the institution in the antebellum South.  That said, we can’t judge the people of the past through 21st Century lenses.  Slavery has existed since the beginning of time and continues today in many countries. 

Now as far as the North claiming some moral high ground in the War for Southern Independence, let me say…

In his first Inaugural Speech your President A. Lincoln (Jefferson Davis was our president) approved of a Constitutional Amendment that would guarantee permanent slavery in the United States. QUOTE "I understand a proposed amendment to the Constitution has passed Congress, to the effect that the Federal Government shall never interfere with the domestic institutions of the States, including that of persons held to service (slaves). Holding such a provision to now be implied constitutional law, I have no objection to its being made EXPRESS AND IRREVOCABLE.”

This Permanent Slavery Amendment that Lincoln endorsed; was passed by both Houses of the Northern controlled Congress, by a margin of 66% of the vote.  (I say Northern Congress because 7 Southern States had already seceded)

If ratified by 3/4s of the States, this Northern sponsored Amendment would prevent the federal government from EVER interfering with slavery in any State where it existed. If the Southern States wanted slavery protected forever, they needed only to return and ratify this Constitutional Amendment.

They did not return.  Why???

 The issue for Southerners was (the same as the founders in 1776), independence, high tariffs and inequitable representation in Congress.  Congress was DOMINATED by the industrial North and the Republican Party, which was openly hostile to the South.  This was nothing new; the North had been antagonistic to the South from the very beginning.  The industrial North had 8 more senators and dozens of more congressmen than the agricultural South (19 Northern states and only 15 Southern states).  Current events have shown us how difficult it is to get anything favorable through Congress if you are in the party of the minority. 

If the Southern states wanted slavery protected FOREVER, they only needed to come back and ratify the Corwin Amendment.  Ohio, Illinois and Maryland (all Northern states) had already ratified although Illinois did not follow proper procedure.  The ratification process was stopped only by Lincoln’s sneak attack (resupply attempt) on Fort Sumter…that’s another story.

Not only that but, many Northern states continued to practice slavery throughout the war; so please, stop all the whining about slavery here.  If Y’all are so mad about slavery, thank your ancestors who brought them here and made fortunes in doing so.  No Confederate flag ever flew over a slave ship.  All we ever asked WAS TO BE LEFT ALONE!


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