Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Prospect of Slavery Moving Into the Territories, When the North Began Making an Issue of it, WAS NONE EXISTANT!

Students of the period who subscribe to the South being a “Slave-ocracy” will take note that in 1860, in the New Mexico Territory, an area which encompassed the area presently occupied by the States of New Mexico and Arizona, that there were a grand total of 22 slaves, only 12 of whom  actually lived there. 

If the South intended to be a “Slave Power,” spreading its labor system across the entire continent, it was doing a pretty poor job of it. 

Commenting on this fact, an English publication in 1861 said, “When, therefore, so little pains are taken to propagate slavery outside the circle of the existing slave states, it cannot be that the extension of slavery is desired by the South on social or commercial grounds directly, and still less from any love for the thing itself for its own sake. But the value of New Mexico and Arizona politically is very great! In the Senate they would count as 4 votes with the South or with the North according as they ranked in the category of slave holding or Free soil states”.

Free territories meant less representation for the south and more political power for the north.  
Southern representation was already behind the North by 8 Senators and dozens of Congressmen.  

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