Sunday, August 26, 2012

Now there's no doubt someone's gonna accuse me of defending slavery but, I'm just curious why we never hear their side of the story...

Slave quotes from the Slave Narratives.

Sara Colquit of the Sam Raney Plantation at Camp Hill, Alabama: "We usta have some good times. We could have all the fun we wanted on Sa'dday nights, and we sho had it, cuttin monkey shines, and dancing all night long. Sometimes our mistis would come down early to watch us."

Sidney Bonner of the John Bonner Plantation at Pickensville, Alabama: "Lawsey man, dem were de days!"

Lightin' Mathews of the Joel Mathews Plantation at Cahaba, Alabama: "Master Joel musta been bawn on a sun shinny day 'cause he sho was bright an' good natured. Ever ni__er on the plantation loved him lak he was sent from heaven."

Emma Jones of the Wiley Jones Plantation at Columbus Georgia: "Our food them was a-way better that the stuff we gets today."

Ammond (Ammonds), Molly, Alabama,
"When us slaves was sick, Massa Lee would send to Eufaula to fetch Dr. Thornton to give us some medicine. We had de bes' treatment ever... "Nawsuh! I ain't never seed no slave in chains…. "No-suh, I ain't never seed no slave run away. Us was treated fine.

Bohanon, Georganna 104, Mississippi
I worked awful hard when I wus growing up but I is too ole to remember anything about back yonder and my folks wus allus good to me and I wish I had stayed a slave.

Frank Childress, 85, Mississippi
"Yassuh, I'se the one what fought on both sides," he claims proudly, "but I neber fought for de Yankees till dey captured me and put me in a corral and said, 'Ni__er, you fought for de South; now you can fight for de North."

These are just a few of the thousands of such quotes in the "Slave Narratives" in the National Archives...

Please don't show your lack of good sense by telling me it's "Stockholm syndrome."

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