Sunday, August 12, 2012

Why won't the government admit this and why isn't it taught in schools???

"Union General Piatt wrote in his book “Men Who Saved the Union” in 1887: “The true story of the late war has not yet been told. It probably never will be told. It is not flattering to our people; unpalatable truths seldom find their war into history. 

How rebels fought the world will never know; for two years they kept an army in the field that girt their borders with a fire that shriveled our forces as they marched in, like tissue paper in a flame. Southern people were animated by a felling that the word fanaticism feebly expresses. (Love of liberty expresses it.) For two years this feeling held those rebels to a conflict in which they were invincible. 

The North poured out its noble soldiery by the thousands and they fought well, but their broken columns and thinned lines drifted back upon our capitol, with nothing but shameful disasters to tell of the dead, the dying the lost colors and the captured artillery. Grant’s road from the Rapidan to Richmond was marked by a highway of human bones. 

“We can lose five men to their one and win,” said Grant. The men of the South, half starved, unsheltered, in rags, shoeless yet Grant’s marches from the Rapidan to Richmond left dead behind him more men than the Confederates had in the Field!!!"

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